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Prayed for 8 times.

Rick and Terry Hughes

Please pray for our neighbor named Connie. She has severe COPD and has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. The doctors have only given her 6 months to live.

Received: June 8, 2019

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Prayed for 9 times.


Please pray for me. I have been told that I have a skin disease and high blood pressure. The disease has taken over my body. I cover my hands with gloves and sores in my hair with a wig. My skin is multiple colors and very itchy. My kidneys are stage 4 which is causing kidney failure. At times it causes swelling I need to lose about 15 pounds. I can't work but need a job and desperately need a financial increase. Please pray for me to continue to have financial favor. I seem to be depressed at times, and my husband doesn't understand or communicate with me. Please pray and agree with me for victory in all of these areas. Pray that our family remains close and supportive.

Received: April 27, 2019

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Prayed for 4 times.

Noel Brooks

My uncle Pete had surgery on 4/23/19 at UVA hospital to try to remove the cancer from his liver. This was unsuccessful once they got in there. They now have to do chemo and radiation to attack this tumor. Please pray for healing in his body and that this tumor goes away. He is only 60 years old.

Received: April 25, 2019

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Prayed for 6 times.


Uyghur Concentration camps update

Hi,May I update prayer for concentration camps of China?

For 3 months ago I requested prayer Deeply thankful for your contribution.

The purpose of update is to ask you to become expert about Uyghur/Chinese camps,pray until have abolished everyday,also pray like Chinese who are directly involved.

Meanwhile I have read a lot of testimonies of Uyghurs. ( .

On the field lots of lives/unimaginable numbers have dead out without media report.Also liberating 310 Chinese labor camps seems like my mind is very hurry.

Recently a news has announced,Amnesty researcher Patrick Poon has interviewed with The Independent said number of detainees (Uyghurs Only) are '3 million,Chinese government is running the reeducation through labor camps like 'War time concentration camps', with 20 billion Chinese Yuan extended biggest concentration camp in human history.Currently in Xinjiang dispatched 1.12 million 'public officials' who are living 'inside' every House of Uyghurs surveil 10 Uyghurs per 1 personnel. 2)Situation of Underground church and Christian persecution is also breathless.Zen Ze-kiun(The cardinal of Hongkong) has announced they are eliminating 'All' Christianity from China.If we classify underground churches as 4 levels, virtually all 'pure level 4' underground churches have arrested out .

Also government has installed 'Skynet',for Uyghurs 'Jinguang' (Refusers can sentence 10 days jail),they are censoring every text message on cell phone and photographs.(Include religion related),censoring every baggage of every personnel get on Metro,with monitoring '200 million Facial recognition cameras' nationwide.

3) Treatment inside concentration camps more terrible.Collecting lots of testimonies (( Analyzing specific 'technologies' on torture (solitary cell,freezing prisoners out without supply prison uniform in winter) management of concentration camps step by step route to North Korean camps in overall direction.(

If you want to study some more for 'Expert study' I introduce /though sometimes raise question about it/ 1.Chinese Underground Church Persecution News : 2.Uyghur Human Rights : 3.Google news :

Lastly If I add a specific prayer(exact) in my mouth are:

1.May LORD help those who are suffering each torture,interrogation,solitary cell,organ harvesting,false threat,impossible amount labor of one by one each prisoners of 310 camps.

2.Christians don't let them deny Jesus during hard time,torture.

3.May this persecution be over

4.Guide each Underground church members steps lest they be arrested.

Thank you for your attention Brothers and Sisters (Non-Christians also) in underground,invisible China,رەھمەت سىزگە!

Received: March 23, 2019

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Prayed for 6 times.

Jeff Conrad

My sister Lori Pankratz has Colon Cancer. There is some cancer outside the colon, so it is considered Stage 4. She starts Chemo on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 for 3 months, and then after that, surgery to remove the cancer.

My prayer request is for full healing and to be cancer free.. that the Chemo does its job where its supposed to and not where its not supposed to, protection against germs and sickness that could complicate the situation. And guidance for the Physicians and that they are able to remove all of the cancer with no reoccurrence.

She set up a Caring Bridge to give updates:

feel free to check it may be inspired.

Received: March 11, 2019

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Prayed for 5 times.

Noel Brooks

Please pray for my uncle Pete. He just found out he has 2 spots of cancer on his liver. Thank you.

Received: March 4, 2019

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Prayed for 7 times.

Anne H.

My friend John has been having really bad abdominal pains for the last 6-9 months. Doctors are trying to find out what is going on. Prayers are appreciated for total healing and peace of mind. Thank you in advance!

Received: February 25, 2019

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Prayed for 6 times.


Bring a strong presence of healing and growth to the relationship EJ and I share. Build and bless us intimately. Heal the scars and questions we have between one another. Build or conmunication that we will talk through issues and learn to beat communicate with one another. Thank You for helping me to see faults in the way that I communicate and help me to fully grow past these sometimes harmful and less skilled ways of communicating myself. Give us faith and confidence in this relationship and building together strong to last through to a fruitful marriage together. Encourage and uplift us that we won’t fall into the snares and traps that present themselves. Keep us above all negativity, ill intent and distractions. Help us to see snakes before they bite and have the wisdom to deal with them correctly. Bring us closer than ever before. Help us to establish safeguards, communication, trust and better understanding and skill to love one another with our individual love language. Heal my heart of the stoic, cold communication I learned as child. I am so reserved in some hard times that I have no idea how to express what is in my heart effectively although I will be feeling it very clearly and with a weight that increases as I can’t affectively open up or sometimes even communicate accurate information. I don’t want to settle, I want to rise above. Keep the enemy away from mine and his progress, as individuals and together. Bring us stability and emotional stability. Unspoken. I separately uplift our families. Be with us. Bring and build us love, trust, prosperity, health and wisdom. Open our hearts and minds to build and love together. Unspoken. I uplift us all individually. Let us feel Your presence and encouragement. I uplift an individual spreading false doctrine. Heal her soul and mind and put her on the path to true knowledge and stability. Shield anyone affected by negative influence. I uplift a number of friends and their individual situations. I uplift a marriage. Bless heal and fluorish them. Build their love and trust. Let them be a positive example. Heal any negatively affected. Unspoken. Praise be to God.

Received: January 31, 2019

I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.


My freinds son Doug is strugling with the flu and possibly cellulitis.

Received: January 10, 2019

I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.

L Green

My neice Annais needs prayer. She lost her unborn son 2 years ago because of family traits. Now pregnant with a baby girl due in April. Just found out she's carrying the same traits with having, a small bladder, enlarged kidney and not enough fluid around the baby. Thanks

Received: January 3, 2019

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